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Harvested from altitudes of 1500-1900 metres above sea level in the Rwenzori Mountains of Uganda, this special crop is the first fully natural-processed coffee in our range.


Natural- processed coffees are know for their complex characteristics and unique flavour profiles, as the fruit of the cherry is left on the seed for the first drying phase, imparting the sweet sugars from the cherry’s flesh. You can expect a complexity to this coffee also; punchy cherry and dark fruit notes with dark chocolate finish. It works best hand brewed as a v60 or Aeropress or through espresso for an extra jammy hit!

This special coffee is made up of a collection of farms from within the region, who contribute harvests from their small holdings ranging between 1 and 3 acres. This collection of ripe cherries then make up the final seasonal harvest. The coffee from these regions are often natural processed coffees, and many farmers use their gardens to dry their cherries on tarpaulins before being taken to coffee station.


Coffee cherries before processing, Uganda

Born out of the Agri-evolve project, the Kisinga coffee station employs over 80 dedicated workers and aims to empower both staff and surrounding smallholders with knowledge of best practices for better quality coffee and higher crop yield, as well as investing in proper equipment which allows control over harnessing and enhancing the unique characteristics of each coffee. 

Agri-evolve looks to improve income for farmers as well as benefitting the whole extended community, and putting the Rwenzori region on the speciality map for producing consistent high quality coffee beans.

 To find out more, visit:

Uganda Speciality Coffee | Omwani

Agri Evolve | Rwenzori Coffee Co | Farming for a Better Future

 Photo Credits - Omwani Coffee

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Great filter coffee

I bought this to take on holiday with me for a v60 pour over first thing in the morning. The coffee didn’t disappoint, a jammy fruity hit with some real depth.
One of the if not the best coffee’s I’ve found for making a home brew, I’d recommend this to anyone making their coffee with a v60 or other pour over kit.

Martin Grosvenor
Order of Uganda whole bean

The coffee has a smooth taste but limited kick as it only has a strength of 3. We bought it for a Ugandan friend who was visiting but it turned out she didn’t drink coffee. But we can vouch that this is a wonderful coffee to drink and for me who had been to Uganda this year a great memory. It compliments our strength 5 Fortuna coffee which we also order from Divine Coffee. The super speedy service of Divine Coffee is quite incredible and kept us in the drink we love.

Robert Brownlie
It’s ok

Fortuna still my favourite but thought I’d give the Ugandan a trial as I’ve been to the country and had some really good coffee - even toured a coffee plantation - didn’t quite meet my expectations but overall not a coffe

Daniel Colley

Speedy delivery and a lovely smell when you open it.


Kevin Priest
My co favourite Divine Coffee so far

My taste in coffee seems to be moving towards darker rather than medium roast and I’m trying different coffees to find some new favourites. I use a moka pot and Aeropress and non dairy milk.

I bought the Darkside variety recently and I enjoyed it more than I expected bearing in mind it’s the darkest roast.

I’m now trying the Ugandan. This isn’t as dark a roast but I’m enjoying this in my moka pot. I’m not so sure about my opinion in an Aeropress yet but I was trying it with a different milk so I need to try it again with my favourite oat milk.

I would buy this again.

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