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Spotlight on the red one... El Salvador

Welcome to our Spotlight series, where we are taking the time to introduce you more closely to our range of independent specialty coffees, all of which are hand-roasted in small batches in Yorkshire to ensure ultimate freshness and a truly unique drinking experience. Today, we are taking a closer look at our Red Bourbon bean El Salvador origin, the rarest of all Divine's collection...

Let’s not beat around the coffee bush, lockdown is pretty monotonous. Same room, same routine, same weekly Zoom Quiz. However, we also know that the simple pleasures can make all the difference to your day, one of those being your morning cup of coffee. Here, at Divine, we’re encouraging you to shake up your coffee routine to add some excitement into your lockdown 2.0; and we have just the coffee for it, our El Salvador single origin

El Salvador is known for producing super-high quality, specialty beans, which may not be as universally recognised as other varieties, but cater to those coffee connoisseurs wanting to try something a little different. 

Every day, coffee producers in El Salvador are taking a big risk by growing these specialty coffee plants. Varieties such as Red Bourbon (which can be found in our El Salvador) are not as high-yielding as the more traditional coffee plants found throughout South America, and what’s worse, they are also much more susceptible to crop disease which can wipe out a whole producer’s farm. So why do it?

Well, specialty coffee houses across the globe are willing to pay big bucks for these magic beans, because of their delicious yet distinctive taste and due to their rarity. And at Divine, we are extremely happy to be one of those coffee roasteries which is sharing the El Salvador magic with coffee lovers here in Yorkshire. 

We lightly roast our Red Bourbon beans to enhance the rich, wine-toned flavour while balancing acidity and smoothness. We’d recommend using our El Salvador in an Aeropress or using a filter method. It is also the best choice from the Divine Collection if you fancy something a bit cooler; an iced coffee. We’d also suggest using without milk so you can really experience the unique flavour.

The Red Bourbon bean is unlike anything we have tasted before, so what are you waiting for? Mix up the daily grind of lockdown by grinding some of our El Salvador beans, which you can order online today.

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