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Spotlight on the organic one... Honduran

Welcome back to our Spotlight series, where we are taking the time to introduce you more closely to our range of independently roasted coffees, all of which are small-batch roasted in Yorkshire to ensure ultimate freshness and a truly unique drinking experience. Today, we are looking closer at our organic Honduran blend…



As we are based in rural Yorkshire, we understand the power of organic. There is nothing better than knowing the food on your table, or the coffee in your mug, is grown using processes that do not harm the surrounding environment. 

When it comes to producing organic coffee, the majority of producers use a shade-canopy method, growing coffee plants in their natural habitat, under the rainforest canopy. This means that any leaves falling from above create a natural fertiliser, enriching the plant with tons of tasty nutrients, and avoiding the need for chemical fertilisers. Our Honduran blend hails from a wonderful coffee producer in Honduras where organic is a way of life. 

Honduras has produced its unique coffee beans since the late 19th century, but due to a lack of transportation and infrastructure, the majority of its coffee was enjoyed domestically; meaning the world was denied tasting its caramel, fruity notes for many years. Thankfully, modernisation of the country has meant coffee lovers around the globe have discovered this tropical tasting coffee in the last few decades. 

Coffee production in Honduras is not without its difficulties; hurricanes can damage huge amounts of crops in one fell swoop. However, their land is known for being super enriched with nutrients, which gives reason to why it tastes so damn good, full of caramel creaminess. Thanks to the Honduran Coffee Institute, there are strict guidelines on who can grow coffee and how, meaning it is one of the most ethical and organic coffee producing countries. It also means that most of the coffee farms are independently run, and at Divine, as an independent roastery, we love supporting other independent producers. 


Divine’s Honduran blend is roasted weekly in small batches, to ensure its caramel, fruity flavour is as fresh as possible when it reaches your cup. We recommend drinking this blend as a filter coffee or an espresso, to enhance the clean, rich texture. The light roasting of the beans means it is perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up cup, with our community of coffee lovers saying it is ‘delicious and to be savoured slowly.’ But be warned, this bean is a limited edition, so grab a bag while you can. 

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