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Spotlight on the decaf one... Mexican Single Origin

Welcome to our Spotlight series, where we are taking the time to introduce you more closely to our range of independently roasted coffees, all of which are small-batch roasted in Yorkshire to ensure ultimate freshness and a truly unique drinking experience. Today we are shedding a light on our Mexican Single Origin Decaf Coffee, and debunking the myth that decaf is the pariah of the coffee world...

Tossing and turning, staring at the ceiling and unable to sleep; all symptoms of regretting the ‘little-too-late’ coffee that day. We all know that caffeine is great for giving us the get up and go we need in the mornings, but we also know it can make falling asleep that much harder. If sleepless nights and a racing heart sound all too familiar, it’s time to get some decaf coffee into your coffee cupboard. 

Over the years, so-called coffee ‘connoisseurs’ have turned their noses up at decaf, claiming it doesn’t not belong to the coffee family as it isn’t as delicious. However, at Divine Coffee Roasters, we tend to disagree. Our single origin Mexican Decaf coffee is a perfect cup of coffee in its own right, and shows how far decaffeinated coffee has come over the past century. 

Decaf coffee was discovered by German merchant Ludwig Roselis in 1903. After realising that a freight of coffee beans which had been accidentally soaked in seawater had lost the majority of their caffeine, he started experimenting with different chemicals until he found the perfect solution to removing caffeine from coffee beans. 

Over the decades that followed, many companies tested alternative ways to decaffeinate coffee that didn’t use nasty chemical solvents which were considered dangerous and impacted the taste of the coffee significantly. Today, there are two main processes which are used to decaffeinate coffee, the Swiss Water Process and the Mountain Water Process, both which use water and the process of osmosis. Without reliving a GCSE science exam, this process is considered safer due to the lack of chemicals used, but it also maintains the coffee’s rich, intense flavour.  Win win!

While decaf coffee may have suffered from a bad rep in the past, being dubbed the ‘what’s the point’ coffee, the decaf coffee industry is worth an estimated $2 billion globally. And what’s more, with coffee producers taking the time to ensure the flavour isn’t compromised, having a late afternoon cup of coffee and a good night’s sleep are no longer mutually exclusive. 

Here at Divine, we believe that decaf doesn't have to taste like decaf, and our single origin Mexican decaf coffee is truly one to be savoured for its own distinct flavour. With a complex balance of chocolate and wine notes, this rich origin can be brewed any which way you please. Order some online today and it will be delivered straight to your door! 

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