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Spotlight on the fruity one... Ethiopian

Welcome back to our Spotlight series, where we are taking the time to introduce you more closely to our range of independent specialty coffees, all of which are hand-roasted in small batches in Yorkshire to ensure ultimate freshness and a truly unique drinking experience. Today, it is time for a fan favourite; our fruity Ethiopian single origin coffee.

Here at Divine Coffee Roasters, we wonder how many people, when pouring that fresh cup of coffee in the morning, give thanks to goats. Yep, you read that right, goats. Well if you don’t, maybe it is time to start, as it is all down to these giddy animals that we have coffee at all.

It all started in Ethiopia, which is now widely considered the homeland of coffee. Legend has it that a goat herder named Kaldi noticed that his goats were a little harder to herd after they had eaten the red berries found on the coffee plant; they were so full of energy. Kaldi tried the berries himself and was the first to experience that post-coffee buzz we all have grown to love/need! In awe of these magic beans, he took them to a local monastery, however they believed that this was the work of something sinister and threw them on the fire to burn. Well, we can all imagine how good that fire smelt. So much so, that the local villagers started picking up the embers to roast and brew.

Now, who knows how accurate this story is, but what we do know is that the coffee plant, Coffea Arabica, originates from Ethiopia and coffee has become a vital part of this country’s culture. One of the country’s most popular sayings in ‘Buna dabo naw’ which literally translates to ‘Coffee is our bread’, highlighting how integral coffee is for sustenance and economic stability within Ethiopia. 60% of foreign income comes from coffee and over 10 million Ethiopians rely on an element of coffee production as their occupation. 

At Divine Coffee Roasters, we’ve brought the magic of Ethiopian coffee to Yorkshire with our single origin blend. The beans we use are from the Sidamo region, a region that is renowned throughout the world as the coffee plant’s dream. The high altitudes (we’re talking up to 2,200m) as well as super fertile soil and regular rainfall all come together to provide a paradise for coffee plants to thrive in. 

We lightly roast our Sidamo beans to bring out the unique fruitiness within Ethiopian coffee; a signature flavour which makes it so popular. The light roast balances the acidity perfectly so that once brewed, our Ethiopian coffee has a clean, smooth taste. We recommend using an Aeropress to get the smoothest finish possible, but you’ll still get to experience the fruitiness through a cafetiere. However you choose to enjoy it, all we ask is you think of the goats while taking that first sip!

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