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Our Tanzanian coffee boasts a clean, bright acidity with sweet berry notes and a fruity aroma, perfectly refreshing for drinking without milk, any time of day.

Our Tanzanian offering comes from the ‘Tembo-Tembo estate’ situated in the ngorongoro region in the north east of the country, just a stones throw away from Mount Kilimanjaro.

Grown at very high altitudes of 1850-1980 metres above sea level, the estate is surrounded by various conservation areas and national parks, including the Serengeti. These luscious fertile surroundings, paired with the rich mineral nutrients from the volcanic soils help to create the pleasantly balanced characteristics of this region’s coffee.

Tanzania is one of the lesser known coffee-producing countries of Africa, often kept in the shadows of its better known neighbours Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda.

Much of the coffee grown there comes from smallholder farms measuring just a few acres, sometimes grown using the shade of other crops such as banana plants, for a slower ripening of the cherries.

Customer Reviews

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Amazing fruity flavour. Tried most of the coffee from divine. This one is one of my favourites.


Brought for husband who describes it as a lovely and smooth flavour. His previous favourites were Fortuna and Paso but Tanzanian has surpassed them.

Jon Allan

All divine coffee is good but the Tanzanian is the best yet.

Stewart Gray
First experience of Tanzanian coffee

A very acceptable coffee, especially at medium/strong brewed strength. At very strong strength, a bit too much bitterness was coming through (a recent Colombian example was much too bitter for us).

We have yet to try the second pack we purchased, but Tanzania is indefinitely a source we would like to see more of.

Mike Maiden
Good option to choose

I received my coffee order promptly and the range of flavours is very good. One point that might improve the service is to cut down on the large amount of packaging that is used, although it is mostly cardboard and recyclable

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